"The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income" - Source: George Foreman



Steps to a better future...

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Our overriding mission is to deliver excellent service to all our clients. As part of this commitment, we employ fully qualified and experienced financial planners to provide high quality financial advice. Our staff are salaried employees and therefore do not receive commissions.

6 steps...

These six steps developed by the Financial Planning Association of Australia will help you to understand what you can expect when seeing a financial planner.

It's important to make sure you are comfortable that your financial planner has taken the time to understand your needs, goals and preferences before they make any recommendations.

  1. Defining the scope of engagement - The planner should explain the process they will follow, find out your needs and make sure they can meet them. You can ask them about their background, how they work and how they charge.

  2. Identifying your goals - You work with the planner to identify your short and long term financial goals – this stage serves as a foundation for developing your plan.

  3. Assessing your financial situation - The planner will take a good look at your position – your assets, liabilities, insurance coverage and investment or tax strategies.

  4. Preparing your financial plan - The planner recommends suitable strategies, products and services, and answers any questions you have.

  5. Implementing the recommendations - Once you're ready to go ahead, your financial plan will be put into action; where appropriate, the planner may work with specialist professionals, such as an accountant or solicitor.

  6. Reviewing the plan - Your circumstances, lifestyle and financial goals are likely to change over time, so it's important your financial plan is regularly reviewed, to make sure you keep on track.

Source: 2012 Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited

Financial Service Guides...

To find out more about the services we offer please read our Financial Services guides (FSG) - Quadrant First FSG and WA Super FSG


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"A survey of Yale University graduates in 1953 showed that only 3% had written down their financial plans for the future. Twenty years later a follow up survey of the same graduates showed that the assets of the 3% who had written down their plan exceeded the combined assets of the 97% who had not." 
Source: Money Tree/Wealth Adviser