"Planning not to retire is simply not a viable retirement strategy" - Source: Catherine Collinson

Steve Trevisiol

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Complex funds need specialist advice...

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You may or may not be aware that GESB has closed the doors on its Financial Planning service. The same personal advice you used to be able to get from GESB is now available at Western Financial.

Understanding the complex rules...

We have Financial Planners who thoroughly understand the complexities of GESB super, including West State and Gold State. 

Superannuation can be very complicated, none more so than GESB. The rules surrounding your GESB account are very different to rules and legislation surrounding most other super funds.

Furthermore, there are different types of GESB accounts, which have remarkably different benefits, and it is important that any financial decisions made are related to your personal circumstances. If you have GESB Super, like a Gold State or West State account, make sure you get the very best advice, especially if you are considering retiring in the next two to five years, have a pre-1983 tax-free component or aren’t sure how much you can afford in retirement.

Depending on these circumstances there could be the potential to save thousands of dollars of tax with the right specialist advice that includes:
► Gold State Super
► West State Super
► Redundancy advice
► Tax and GESB funds
► Pre-1983
► Retirement planning